Would you rather have…racism

If I post about certain issues on Twitter or Facebook I can guarantee a lot of likes and re-posts, if I post about anti-Englishness I get very little response and that is almost universally along the lines of ignore the idiot. It is also excused as the odd untypical “arsehole” or similar. Then I am told I am over sensitive and lack a sense of humour and it’s just banter; in just the way a women, presumably has to tolerate remarks about her behind in the office?

Well I do not really care that much, I am NOT making an issue about this because I am sensitive, but I sure as hell am angry, on two fronts.

Firstly I am angry because of the effective refusal to accept it ever happens. The fact is it does, as I have posted on here before. Perhaps all those nice middle class people on Twitter have not met it directly; perhaps they never meet working class Scots?

The second point is that whilst it is dismissed and evaded all those concerned are conniving at it. There needs to be strenuous distancing from such action and harassment, which needs condemning . Condemnation needs to come from all sectors of Society and Government. As it is I am fighting a losing battle for the idea of Civic Nationalism. Tolerating any sort of racism gives a lie to such claims.

The Scottish anti-English racists may be a minority but whilst they are tolerated and connived at they continue and do a lot of harm. The harm they do is disproportionate to mere numbers, but it is made worse by everyone who does not take action against it. If you have been a victim of such “banter” it sure as anything makes you cautious about claims of inclusivity. Seeing toleration of such racism does turn people into No voters. They have good cause to be worried; they look at reality.

Meanwhile this gem appeared today on my Facebook feed, posted by someone I know, who is very active in Independence campaigning; he turns up at marches; he canvassed strenously last time, and will do so again.. What a wonderful example of the sort of “inclusive” Scotland being envisaged post-Indy.



6 thoughts on “Would you rather have…racism

  1. As I’ve commented on Facebook, experience is an issue – in the Highlands, with wide circle of contacts, from Council refuse operatives up to Royal appointees I haven’t found this.

    Are you looking for an official condemnation of “anti-English racism” from the FM/SG or the SNP?
    If so, have you asked for one? For example, I have heard Nicola personally saying that if you have chosen to make your or your work here you are Scottish enough for her.

    I suspect there may be a danger of overstating a problem which although serious is not widespread (I know a lot of English people here – including my terrifically anti-Independence mother – and none of us have experienced this… although my acquaintance is more Highland based) and it might lead to the more hysterical media using this as an opportunity to whip up “See, the Jocks are all racist…” Which we all know is not the case..


  2. Well, for what it’s worth, the response is as follows:
    “Afternoon Steve,

    Many thanks for taking the time to get in touch with the SNP.

    The SNP condemn racism and xenophobia in all its forms.

    Any incidents of racism should be reported to the police.

    The SNP has an inclusive approach to citizenship. People in Scotland are accustomed to multiple identities, be they national, regional, ethnic, linguistic or religious.

    To quote the late SNP MSP Bashir Ahmad, “It isn’t important where you come from, what matters is where we are going together as a nation.”

    I hope this response is helpful.”

    If anyone is interested, I reported this directly to the SNP Member’s contact address, with a pointer to this blog post.

    Sorry Christoper, it is what it is.


    1. Thank you for getting in touch and lettig me know the outcome. This is about the SNP response not your comments:

      Frankly the response is seriously unhelpful. It is not unexpected, making some of the right sort of noises without actually addressing the issue. They cannot be seriously expecting the police to take action everytime there is what is secribed as “banter”? One might have hoped for the SNP to take leadership, to do something, rather than anodyne comments and shrugging off responsibility to Police Scotland. So disapointing but not unexpected.


  3. I’m afraid if we had voted Yes the anti English attitude would get worse – even more resentment would build in the minds of idiots like him – because we would be living in economic straights as a nation for years.


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