By way of intro- I am doing this because Twitter is a bit limiting and Facebook a bit social. I am based in Dundee and have a canal boat. At the time of writing this is on the English system, hoping to move it north. I am intending to deal with issues that concern me. That means welfare rights, a bit of political activism, any experiences that seem worth sharing and anything else that takes my fancy. There may or may not be recipes…

I am generally left wing, pro-Independence for Scotland and supportive of the natural world. I was born in the English Midlands, lived much of my life in the North of England and find myself now a Scot by adoption and by choice. Irritatingly I am told I sound like Prince Charles, cannot see it myself. I am not, emphatically not, a member of any political party, and for good reasons. I am something of a sceptic on the EU.

Comments are welcome, but please keep it respectful and friendly. I reserve the right to disagree with friends, and I distrust the online echo-chamber and group think effects.

Given I am naturally untidy do not expect too much. Also I am rather busy much of the time and may not be that active sometimes.



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